Author Topic: How-To Select the right fan, and the difference between the Noctua 120mm models  (Read 2287 times)

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Lets talk about FANs, especially Noctua fans, many may not be aware of that there are different fans for different configurations and deployments aside form case fans and cpu fans, at the base level any fan is better than no fan at all, unless you are custom building a fan less appliance.

Knowing what fan to use in the different cases makes all the differens in stability of the system as it get the correct amount of cooling, noise reduction as you use the right fan you need less of them and by that you also reduce noise production

The main difference between the fan models are that some are designed for Air Flow and others for Static Pressure

Air Flow fans are commonly used where there is little to no obstacles to push the air around it in a specific direction these fans usually have larger space between the blades and run at lower RPM

Static Pressure fans on the other hand is uses to push as much air through tight spaces such as radiators and cooling tower heatsinks and in some tower cases as intake fans as they have obstetrical like drive cages inches away from the intake vents

Now you should ask your self which Noctua fan is right for my setup?

Here is an overview of the different 120mm models form Noctua

NF-S12A: The NF-S12A has been optimized for “low impedance” applications that don’t require high static pressure and thus combines moderate pressure with outstanding airflow and superb quietness of operation. Choose the NF-S12A for case ventilation, applications with little or no obstruction to airflow as well as all other applications where minimum noise emission has first priority.

NF-P12: The NF-P12 has been designed with more pressure demanding “high impedance” applications in mind. It provides an even balance of high static pressure, high airflow and excellent quietness, which has made it a standard choice for low noise CPU cooling, cases with tight fan grills and other low noise cooling applications with mid- to high airflow resistance.

NF-F12: The NF-F12’s unique Focused Flow™ system produces extremely high static pressure and focuses the airflow in order to achieve even better results on air cooling heatsinks and water cooling radiators. With a top speed of 1500rpm, it also offers more performance headroom for less noise-sensitive applications. Choose the NF-F12 if you’re looking for the best possible performance on heatsinks and radiators.

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